Biyahe ni Drew: Tri- municipality tour in palawan

Premiered: May 1, 2021

Aired : April 30, 2021

Palawan is one of the a lot destinations that people want to visit here in the Philippines because of the very beautiful white sand beach located here. Palawan has rules and policies that you must follow while you’re traveling the whole place. Garbage in and garbage out policies where packaged products from other areas must be disposed of outside Palawan to prevent the accumulation of garbage there. No smoking, no drinking of liquor, no littering, and bicycle is not allowed to enter.

For the municipality tour the farthest island in the whole part of Palawan is Balabac Island. To get here it takes 5 hours from Puerto Princesa to Buliluyan port or Rio Tuba port which is another boat port to Balabac Island. The main thing to do on Balabac Island is island hopping. They have 30 different islands to choose from. The first place that tourists visit is Onuk island that you will enjoy the soft and powdery white sand between your toes, or just enjoy the silence while riding a kayak. The second most visited by tourists here is Patawan island which when viewed up close is almost pinkish sand color. Snacks popular on Balabac island, first the Ja made of rice flour water and sugar used traditional equipment and methods to make it. Second the Pinyaram made of rice flour, sugar and coconut milk. 50 to 100 away from the beach there are hotels and resorts to choose from.

In the hotels and resort they serve organic fruits and vegetables that came from their organic farm. They also have Environmental Museum where you can see a lot of confiscated guns, timber, beer tanks turned into compressors for illegal fishing, and 700 chainsaws confiscated for illegal logging. And it was first honored by SEED as a “Zero Carbon Place” here in Southeast Asia. To maintain the beauty of elnido, they will use only 176 hectares for development. When travel restrictions are lifted and you planned to travel to Palawan take note to these requirements: Submit a negative RTPCR swab or saliva test result taken 72 hours or 3 days before your flight, confirmed hotel booking at a dot accredited accomodation, travel itinerary valid identification card, and a round- trip plane ticket. For going to Elnido Palawan, the requirements are the same. The secret to the beautiful Palawan is their incomparable appreciation and taking care for the nature.

Leila Ejercito

HUMSS 12 P-Gilead

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