“Challenges are what get me into a state of flow, and flow makes life worth living, so I look forward to them.” Michaela Lalaine is a strong and independent women and raising her two siblings alone. She was born on June 25, 1998 in Salawag, Dasmariñas Cavite. Currently working at Alorica company as a Call center trainer. She graduated at Cavite State University (CvSU) with the Bachelor’s degree of Secondary Education Major in English. Michaela Lalaine born as the eldest daughter among her three siblings and grew up with the complicated family status. At the age of 18 she needs to find a job that can support her studies in college and her other expenses. And because of that she never experienced to enjoy her teenage life until now because at the very young age she needs to work and support her food, other expenses and the studies of her 2 siblings.

Her father died when she was 10 years old, at the age of 12 her mother got a living partner ang moved into other house. At first, living with her step dad is okay but when the years passes by, her step dad became alcoholic addict and always causing trouble and destroying their equipments and appliances when he’s drunk. Then one day when she is at her work her step dad and her younger sibling had a fight so she became really mad to her step dad because her step dad wants to throw a hand size rock to her sibling. She wants to leave the house because of the a lot of problems of her step dad did. Then when she leaved the house together with her two siblings, they lived in her grandmother’s house temporarily. Then after a year they moved out from her grandmother’s house and moved in into a rental house. So far, until now they are happy with a simple life and safe from their step father.

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