Memoir Writing

” Take me then”

The month of April could be the funniest and entertaining month in a year. There are a lot of plans on how they tricks other people with fun and enjoyment. April can be a lot of enjoyments to other people but for others it can be a worst month that can ruin their life forever.

At the middle of the month when I got home there are furnitures and appliances scattered around the floor. In the corner of the house there has a broken chair. I immediately find my mother and siblings but I can’t find them around the house so I went to my grandma’s house and I found my sister crying at the corner of the house. “There’s something happened to my sister, I’m sure that he is the reason behind it.” My grandma tells the whole story behind my sister tears.
” Your step father wants to throw a hand size rock to your sister.” Grandma said.
” But why” I said
My grandma told me the whole story. My eldest sister decided that they need to move out from our house and lived at my grandma’s house. My mother’s eldest sister decided to have a emergency travel to went home and talk to my mother about the incident. My auntie went to my mother’s house to talk to her and to ask what she wants to do to her daughters.

Me and my two siblings are present to the scene full of intense atmosphere. The surroundings are full of tears. Me and my two siblings are located behind my auntie and my mother are standing in front of her. The moment while talking my mother and auntie are full of toxic presence and a lot of tears. My mother keeps to defend her living partner. When my auntie heard that my mother keeps to defend her living partner her presence became higher and wild like an angry lion. By hearing that, I can’t stop my self thinking that “we must be the ones to defend by you”, “we deserve to defend by our mother”, “we deserve to loved more than her living partner”. The intense moment got my auntie to ask my mother “who would you choose your children or your living partner”. The moment was so intense to the point that I don’t want to hear any answers from my mother because deep in side of her heart I know who will she most prefer. The moment was so intense to the point that I cannot hear anything besides of the voice echoing to my ears saying that ” mom you must choose us, we your daughters” “we need you.”

My mother finally spoke who the one she most prepare and she says that “I will choose my living partner because we have two little children that is more needed a complete family” When I heard what she says I felt that my heart aches and crushing into small pieces. From that moment I want to commit a suicide to end all my problems, and heart aches that deep inside killing not just my body but also my soul.

My auntie talk to us and said “you are the ones who will strive to live because your mother has been blinded to the fact that she should have chosen you.” I thought thats the end of my life but I realized that it should not be, I have two sisters that can help me to live more better despite of loosing our mom. Usually, misunderstanding starts from simple domestic quarrel that grows impertinently damaging the long-forged relationship between the family members. In most broken homes, the children are generally disadvantaged because they are generally regarded as being deprived academically, economically, socially and culturally.

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