“Malaysia police kill suspected Abu Sayyaf fighters during raid”

On Tuesday, Hazani Ghazali, police commissioner of Malaysia’s Sabah state, announced the deaths in a statement. Police in Malaysia have shot dead five suspected members of the Philippine armed group, Abu Sayyaf, during a firefight on the Malaysian portion of Borneo island. Ghazali said the attack occurred on Monday when men armed with guns and machetes attacked Malaysian police during a raid in the town of Beaufort in the state of Sabah on Borneo.

Mabar Binda – an Abu Sayyaf sub-commander who is on the Philippine government’s most-wanted list along with the five Filipinos were killed. Ghazali said, “With the death of these five, we believe that we have crippled yet another cell of Abu Sayyaf hiding out in Sabah.” In March, the Philippine military said its troops killed an Abu Sayyaf leader and rescued four Indonesian hostages who had been kidnapped from Sabah. The hostages had been held for more than a year.

In conclusion, the Malaysia wants to convey that in their country they killed the the five Filipinos along with the identified a man as an Abu Sayyaf sub-commander. The news has a positive outcome that the identified Abu Sayyaf sub-commander is now dead and he can’t cause any harm to others. However, it is embarrassing that a Filipino were killed in other country because they are connected to Abu Sayyaf that plans to harm the other country.

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