"My journey as a student"

As this year passes by I realized that this whole year change me to become ready for college life. I thought this year would be so hard because we are not going to school to have a face to face classes but I realized that as long I think positively towards in the future I can finish my studies this school year. This year teaches me to become more responsible student and do all my activities as soon as possible because every beginning of the week all my teachers are giving another set of activities for the whole week.

To achieve the word teamwork it is needed to have cooperation coming from the leader and members. Cooperation is the key to become a successful group. Through this whole year it’s been first time for me to encounter an online class and modular learnings for the whole two semester. I experienced to become very nervous because my teacher was asking me questions and my internet connection suddenly slowed down. I don’t know what to do and my connection is still not good so after class I chatted my teacher and asked for patience for not answering her question because my internet connection suddenly weakened.

This whole year has been a lot of experience and realization that fit me to be better prepared for college life. I have a lot of realization this year that make me change a lot. Even though I don’t enjoy my senior high school life in the normal way inside the school, this pandemic got me realized a lot and given me a different type of learning experience. And as I move out from this two year school experience and move in to another school for college I really really miss my senior high school, my friends, classmates and also my teachers because as we enter the college life we have different paths to face to achieve are goals in life and become successful in the future.

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